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ES Valencia - Spanien

  • 4.8333 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8333 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8333 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8333 Star Rating: Recommended
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Carina G.

Skriven av Carina G.

i maj 2016

two amazing months in Valencia

I really enjoyed my time at AIP. The staff is nice... Läs mer

Sarah H.

Skriven av Sarah H.

i oktober 2015


I really liked to study at AIP Languages. The teac... Läs mer

Soraya H.

Skriven av Soraya H.

i september 2015


I really liked the classes! The groups are small s... Läs mer


Calle El Bachiller, 7
Postkod : 46010
Stad : Valencia
Land : Spain

Tel. : +34 963391566
Fax : +34 963600014
Latest student review

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Carina G.

Skriven av Carina G. ()

i maj 2016

two amazing months in Valencia

I really enjoyed my time at AIP. The staff is nice and always amazingly helpful. The teachers are very kind as well and always well prepared for classes. They always adapted the classes to the students' demands and answered questions patiently. I learned a lot during my two months in the school!

Sarah H.

Skriven av Sarah H. (Germany)

i oktober 2015 - Germany


I really liked to study at AIP Languages. The teachers were very good and the groups small, so i could improve my Spanisch a lot. The staff in general was super friendly. Whenever I had a question, they helped me out. They also offerd some activities like a guided city tour which I really enjoyed. Great atmosphere! Great poeple! I Highly recommend this school!

Soraya H.

Skriven av Soraya H. ()

i september 2015


I really liked the classes! The groups are small so you can get a lot of attention from the teachers, and they make learning Spanish fun. For example, we played a lot of games that tests your vocabulary and grammar and in the mean time made learning Spanish fun! Also, if you need/want any extra help the teachers are always willing to help you. Besides, you get to know a lot of people from all over the world and Valencia is a really nice and beautiful city. Personally, I think that two weeks of classes where too short for me but I guess that depends on the person. It was a nice experience and I would recommend it to everyone.

Paola A.

Skriven av Paola A. ()

i juli 2015

nice experience

I was greeted at the language school AIP for two weeks, where I learned not only the Spanish language in an easy and efficient but I also learned marketing strategies and have also interacted with people from all over the world.

Elisabetta F.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Skriven av Elisabetta F. ()

i juli 2015

Course Spanish

I was in Valencia two weeks for a course of stage school AIP. The staff that welcomed me was highly qualified, friendly and always available for any eventuality. Working alongside people from all over the world not only helped me to improve the cultural level but also enriched me on a human level, I learned new customs and traditions, and that's why I recommend the language school AIP you help you learn Spanish easily and efficiently.

Gennaro C.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Skriven av Gennaro C. ()

i juli 2015


La scuola di Lingua AIP e' il tipo di scuola che tutti dovrebbero frequentare,perche' non solo impari le basi essenziali della lingua, ma grazie al personale qualificato che possiede diventa molto facile apprendere e mettere in atto quello che si e' imparato.
Grazie al loro insegnamento riesci ad entrare nel mondo del lavoro molto facilmente e tutte le difficolta' presenti prima di frequentare la scuola scompariranno.

Eva C.

Skriven av Eva C. (France)

i maj 2015 - France

Friendly atmosphere

Hello, my name is Eva Cassourret, I am 19 years old and I live in a small village from France. I came with an internship with the help of my college. In the first week I´ve done an intensive course of Spanish. I stayed two months at AIP LAnguage School and what I mostly liked was the friendly and helpful teachers and the atmosphere inside the institution.

Costina C.

Skriven av Costina C. (Timișoara - Romania)

i april 2015 - Romania

My first visit in Spania and the best one

I came to AIP Language school as a Erasmus student for 2 months. I can say that AIP Idiomas is the perfect way to learn spanish at a high level, especially valencian language and others languages like french, german etc. Also, all teachers are helping you no matter what problem you have. I spent great time with them and learned a lot of useful things from them and for that I can say only thank you! Also, they are very kind and patient with you. Whenever you need to search something, you have quick and free access to internet inside school. Everything its very clean and well-organized. I like it very much and I recommend it to anyone who visits Valencia and wants to learn a language.

Sarah M.

Skriven av Sarah M. (straubing - France)

i januari 2015 - France

Me ha gustado mucho...

Mi tiempo en Valencia ha sido inolvidable, lo echo mucho de menos :-( La playa, la ciudad, la vida nocturna, pero también los profesores y mis compañeros de clase.

A mi me ha encantado el curso en AIP y lo recomendaria a todo el mundo.

Alia P.

Skriven av Alia P. (New York - USA)

i augusti 2011 - USA


This program was hands-down the best six weeks of my life. The AIP program in Valencia is PERFECT for studying abroad in Spain, and here's why:

1. LOCATION! Valencia is on the beach, easily accessible to Barcelona, Madrid, and other big Spanish cities.

2. PEOPLE SPEAK SPANISH! You will find that in other big cities in Spain, you are not quite as immersed in the culture because they're so touristy that everyone is speaking to you in English. In Valencia, everyone speaks to you in Spanish, and it really helps you learn and/or improve your language skills.

3. VIBRANT! Valencia is HOPPIN'!! They have a really vibrant nightlife, with all kinds of parties and festivals. Plus this city is just overflowing with culture. It's the third biggest city in Spain, so you still get that big-city feel, but without all the tourists of Barcelona and Madrid.

4. AIP! This school really does a great job in teaching the language and culture as well as making you feel comfortable in Spain. The teachers there are all great educators and just nice, down-to-earth people. It's laid back enough where you can get a drink or go out dancing with them after class! Plus I actually LEARNED so much in my classes!

5. MIGUEL! He is the coordinator for the program, and sets up all the trips and excursions. MIGUEL IS THE MAN. Period. He speaks perfect English as well as Spanish, and he'll set you up with whatever you need, including trips to other places in Spain or surrounding countries, or just answer any questions, and ease any doubts/concerns you might have. He'll tell you the best spots to go, where not to go, how to get there, etc. He's just so cool; I promise he'll be one of your favorite people ever!

Basia Z.

Skriven av Basia Z. (Poland)

i augusti 2010 - Poland

I had a great time in AIP and I really recommend it!!! It was a great experience for me. I could not only learn Spanish language but also get to know a lot about Spanish culture and lifestyle. The teachers were friendly and helpful. I met people from all over the world so I liked it very much.
The city also is awesome. There are a lot of interesting things to do and school always offers you some activities that you can participate. It helped me to make friends, improve my Spanish and learn about Valencia. I really enjoyed my time there.

Katrin K.

Skriven av Katrin K. (München - Germany)

i mars 2010 - Germany

Ich war schon zweimal bei AIP in Valencia, weil es mir so gut gefallen hat. Beim ersten Mal habe ich nur einen Sprachkurs gemacht und beim zweiten Mal ein Praktikum, das mir AIP organisiert hat.

Das Gebäude der Schule ist total schön und super eingerichtet, die Lehrer sind alle echt nett und ich habe mein Spanisch schnell verbessert.

AIP hat jeden Abend Aktivitäten organsiert, um die Schüler der anderen Kurse kennenzulernen und somit mussten wir natürlich Spanisch sprechen.

Ich kann jedem nur empfehlen bei AIP einen Sprachkurs zu machen, auch die Praktikumsvermittlung hat spitze funktioniert.

Es war beide Male eine super Erfahrung in Valencia.

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